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 Latest News:

10 November 2004:
Wildcard so kindly gave me some space at qbasicnews.com to host my website. I have grabbed a copy of flingforum (Hope flingmaster doesnt mind, I emailed him but no reply) and so I installed the forum! Go ahead and leave me a message :D I am going to try get started this week with a game. I have a great idea in mind! :-)

9 November 2004:
qbasic zone run by mofu has been officially launched again :-) This site will contain all my projects and games, along with some cool tutorials and a nice little community of friends, where we just look to have a good 'ol laugh and a make some great games. Isnt that what the qbasic community should be about? I think so :-)

 Projects Updates:

Unnamed Game
Completed status
: Not even started!!
Notes: Getting to work on this game soon, when I find the time! :)

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